Shoot For the Stars
God gave me life, taking the struggles as they come.

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Rancorous Debates

Continuing on this path will lead us to be damned. Humbling yourself is something your not fond of. If you did we wouldn’t be where we are now. In the same area but not sharing the same space. Saying that I myself need to reflect on my being but that is not the biggest case. What I need to take care is ready known. You yourself need to take a gander into a mirror and acquiesce what you lack. Others can say that I’m not delusional when I speak about your ways. It’s often shown in your demeanor.

“If love concurs all, we must coincide so that our future is marvelous”

Wicked Soul

You are not who you seem to be. Carrying around a mask to hide a gruesome truth. A face not even a mother could love. Loneliness and bitter feelings have caused your form. Parading around as false profit to consume others hope. By draining that which you don’t naturally posses yourself, you crave more to the point were its sickening. You won’t be satisfied until you achieve true self righteousness. Waiting for that moment to come will feel like an eternity. Your satisfaction will never come to light. Wallowing in your own pity, you will seek redemption from those you’ve thought to be dependent on. Coming to find out that they’ve been aware of your ways and have chose not to associate themselves with such foolery. With an outcome of just plain misery and shame.

” Never take those who confide in you for granted. They just might out shine you one day “

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